Goals Met!


2018 is off to a great (and cold) start, but that doesn’t mean 2017 wasn’t a successful year.

On Friday, January 12th , Stacey Schiano and Beverly Venedam are here with a recap in a year with the Philanthropy Department. Huge milestones were made, and even greater things are expected for the 2018 year.

To highlight, a few major accomplishments included the Gala, both Bingos, the Golf Tournament, Staff & Scholar’s Fund, and the 2017 Benevolent Care Fund Telethon. Each event could not have been successful without the help of the Oak Crest residents.

Though the door to 2017 is shut, the 2018 door is wide open, and great things are on the horizon. Here are just a few dates to keep in mind for this year.

Wednesday, April 25th: Scholar’s Ceremony in Erickson Hall

Monday, May 21st: Golf Tournament at Rocky Point Golf Course

Saturday, September 15th: Oak Crest Gala

Tune in to Oak Crest Now on Friday, January 12th for more updates and more details about just how much money was raised for certain events.

BONUS: The theme for the 2018 Gala will be revealed

The program will also be available the following day at oakcresttv.com.