My Erickson Revealed

Dec29Headline.pngBY: LAUREN COSTELLO

Nowadays everything is available whenever we want it and we have the technology to access anything and everything 24/7. This is also true with the way you will start receiving information with the My Erickson App. Let’s get started…

Say you’re having a guest over for dinner tonight but you’re unsure of how many meals you have left. You get dressed and head down to the dining room to have them look your last name up and give you your count. You soon learn you only have one meal left and you cannot have your friend over for dinner anymore….ouch. BUT WAIT. What if you could walk over to your computer, phone, or iPad and find out without having to step foot out of your apartment?! SURPRISE–you CAN!

The My Erickson App creates a unique username and password for each resident who has a device enabling them to access the internet. Once logged in, you are able to access how many meals you have at any given time, a local directory,  all the dining menus, and so much more!

Below are some screenshots of what the app looks like after you have an account

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 1.00.25 PM.png
(An inside look at the Dining Menus section of My Erickson)


Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 1.00.32 PM.png(An inside look at the Community Information page)


Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 1.00.50 PM.png(An inside look at the Local Directory)


In fact, do you sometimes get tired of sitting through our TV Scroll if you are in need of a specific slide? Say goodbye to your old ways! With My Erickson you able able to view our TV Scroll at your own pace, scrolling and sifting through our slides until you come across the one you are looking for. Pretty convenient, right?

So now you’re probably saying, “Lauren, this sounds amazing, how do I get it?” Do not fret, we have you covered.

Step 1: Call the TV Studio to schedule an appointment

There will be two activation sessions for My Erickson:
Thursday, January 11th from 1PM to 4PM or
Friday, January 26th from 1PM to 4PM
Appointments take approximately 10-15 minutes. 

Step 2: Know your email address and your password to access that email address

In order to access your account on My Erickson you will need an email address. Please note that if you are a couple, you will EACH need an account. You cannot share an email address because each resident needs their individual account.

Make sure you also tune to Channel 973 on January 4th to find out more about this new application coming to Oak Crest. The program will also be available the following day at

Test Your Knowledge

Dec18mainpic.pngBY: LAUREN COSTELLO

The holidays are a great time to spend time with family and play some fun games. So, why not incorporate some of these facts below!


Holiday sweaters and ugly Christmas parties are popular each year. But, did you know that the largest gathering of people wearing holiday sweaters is 3,473 people?! IT was recorded in 2015 at the University of Kansas when everyone showed up wearing bright colored sweaters!


Over in Denmark, people celebrate the New Year by shattering dished across the doors of houses of their family and friends! People living in the Netherlands also take part in this activity.

$22.7 billion is the number of estimated retail sales by department stores December of last year.

In 1907, the original ball lowered in Times Square on New Year’s Eve was made of iron and wood and decorated with 100 light bulbs.

There are 364 gifts mentioned in The Twelve Days of Christmas.

In 1949, the tree at Rockefeller Center was strung with 7,500 light bulbs. Today, more than 25,000 buls are strung on the tree which is more than 5 miles of lights!!


Everyone I know (well…mostly everyone I know) loves listening to Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving. And of course we all have our favorite holiday song we play over and over and over again…but the top three most covered songs are:
Silent Night: 26,496 versions
White Christmas: 20,721 versions
Jingle Bells: 19,080 versions


I hope you all enjoyed some of those facts and share them with your family over the weekend!


It’s the Holiday Season

Dec18Headline.pngBY: LAUREN COSTELLO

You all know the lyrics…”So whoop-de-do and hickory dock and don’t forget to hang up your sock!” You can catch this song on repeat at my house this holiday season (my roommate and I are big fans). But I’m an even bigger fan of what we have planned over the next few weeks!

We’ll kick things off the week of December 18th with a Monthly Call In Show wrapping up not only the month of December, but also the 2017 YEAR! Where did the time go?! The Town Hall Meeting with the Board also airs again on Thursday, December 21st. And that Friday we will be rearing a program involving scams. I’ll say it again, it’s the holiday season and scammers are hitting hard. Don’t give any personal information out!!

The week of December 25th will be filled with surprises for all! That Monday we will have a special holiday show called Christmas Remembrances filled with great passages and even better performances. On Tuesday, a special episode of The Lighthouse airs featuring two residents who went down to Helping Up Mission and volunteered for the day. The next day, I talked to Ilse Harrop in a show called Christmas Around the World. As you can see, we are really in the holiday spirit in the Oak Crest TV Studio.

Then, before you know it, New Year’s will be here and we will be ringing in 2018! Make sure you pick up a TV Guide from the communication racks in each lobby to see what will be airing each day. And remember, when you’re seeing family over the holidays, pull up and show them what’s been happening at Oak Crest over the past year!

Happy Holidays Everyone!