Love at the Gala

Sept22Headline.pngBY: LAUREN COSTELLO

I think everyone was showing some love at the Love Boat themed Gala last Saturday. From the extensive balloon decorations, to the food, to karaoke in the Acorn, I think it was a fact that everyone had a great time.

The night started off with appetizers upstairs where everyone mingled with other residents and staff and enjoyed all the wonderful decorations and raffles. Then, the cruise horn blew and it was time for everyone to head downstairs to hear a few words from Stacey and Captain, Mark Roussey.

The night then kicked off with some dancing and wonderful food! We had it all; steak, crab cakes, tuna, mashed potatoes, veggies…and so much more but I have to stop naming them because it’s making me hungry! And of course, who can forget about all the different desserts.

Around 9PM the Acorn transformed into the Karaoke Lounge where everyone was cheering and singing in their best voice to their favorite songs. Don’t worry, we got that on film 🙂 The casino was packed as well, as residents, staff, and family tried to win big!

Make sure you tune to Channel 973 on Friday, September 29th to follow Josh Runkles around as he makes his way through Crestview Hall. The show will also be available the following day at



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