20 Years and 6,600 Questions Later


The most anticipated trivia show is back for its 20th season!
That’s right, the big 2-0.

I remember when I first started here, I heard talk of this ever popular “Mind Over Memory” show and I had no idea what it was or how it worked. I figured it was just a little game show, where someone asks questions to a group of people. I quickly learned that this show was much more than that.

First, did you know we are the only Erickson community to put on such a show? Let alone we have continued to air this program for the past TWENTY YEARS?! Let that soak in—truly incredible.

If you have ever watched Mind Over Memory on Channel 973, you might compare it to Jeopardy, however there are a few differences. Instead of 3 people competing individually, there are two teams, made up of three players competing against each other. The team has one captain that gives the final answer, but another difference is they do not have to phrase the answer in any certain format, unlike Jeopardy.

The most obvious difference is that we don’t give away thousands of dollars to the winner…but wouldn’t that be nice?? Hey, this is Season 20 so who knows what could happen! Just kidding…

What is most impressive is how much work goes into planning this show. Resident David Cuneo spends countless hours looking up questions that are just hard enough for our residents to answer. To date, David has come up with more than 6,600 questions. Once he comes up with the questions for each game, he bring them down to the studio, where we type them up and put them on index cards for each host. Then we work on graphics, make sure the music fits, get our commercials ready to air and before we know it, it’s show time!

Another fearless leader and part of our group is resident Ilse Harrop. She spends many days (and nights) on the phone with residents making sure they know what is going on, whose team they are on, and when they are to show up at the studio. She also keeps track of all the scores for each team and is responsible for finding a replacement if a resident calls out the day of a taping. We definitely could not do the show without her help! And, she’s also one of the smartest residents I’ve come to meet.

Now since this is the 20th year, there will be special guests and special things happening throughout the season, so make sure you’re watching. The first episode will air on Thursday, August 24th at 11:30AM on Channel 973 with two more showings at 3:30PM and 10:30PM

So use these next few weeks to read up on some facts and study some trivia so you can play along at home!



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