Town Center Renovation Updates

July21Headline.pngBY: LAUREN COSTELLO

“The road to success is always under construction.” – Lily Tomlin

On Tuesday, July 18th, two Town Hall meetings took place in the Auditorium involving some updates and progress reports about Town Center. The phase has been long and tiring for many, but over the next few weeks much more progress is going to be made that is going to be easier for us to see.

For example, over the next few days, if you walk downstairs by the Auditorium you’ll be able to see the construction team painting, working on the ceiling, adding wallpaper, and putting in new flooring. Things are going to start to get interesting now that everything is happening right out in the open! As I write this, they have already removed the top part of the wall right across from Windows Dining Room.

During the Town Hall, Wendy Kelly, Jeff Hohenberger, and Kevin Goedeke explained what would be happening over the next few months, along with some updates on the new entrance to Town Center.

The most common items discussed included:
– Where the mailboxes will be located
– Where the new entrance to Town Center would be located
– What would happen when deliveries are made
– Updates on the new name that will be replacing Central Park
– A potential new route for transportation pickup

Residents then had the opportunity to ask questions expressing the areas they were most concerned about. The most common question involved the mailboxes and how residents would maneuver in and out of the apartment, along with the new location of the front lobby.

These questions, along with many others, can be seen on Wednesday, July 26th at 10AM, 2PM, 7PM, 9PM, and 12 midnight. You can also watch the program online the following day at

Remember, there are also many other ways to have your questions answered and stay informed! These include:
– Information cards located at the front desk in each lobby
– Flyers located in the communication racks
– Town Hall Meeting in September
– Monthly Call In Shows on Channel 973

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