Shippin’ Up…to Baltimore!

june23headline.pngBY: LAUREN COSTELLO

The month of June brought a great Speaker Series lecture focusing on the USS Constellation. Many of you may have seen this ship downtown at the Inner Harbor. But do you know the history behind the ship?

Larry Bopp gave the presentation about the ship in full uniform attire. I think everyone enjoyed hearing what he had to say since he lives and breathes this ship! You can truly tell the ship hits close to Larry’s heart.



The USS Constellation launched in 1854 and is still afloat today (after some repairs here and there, of course). The best part? You can set foot on the ship and see what it was like for sailors during the Civil War. In fact, Larry shared some exciting news about the ship. They have been doing multiple renovations, and a new part was just updated and finished that week that has just opened to the public!

The USS Constellation is the second of three US Navy Vessels that carried the same name; the first being the Frigate Constellation. This ship was built right in Baltimore and launched in 1797. It was also the first of 6 ships built by the US Navy.


While visiting the ship, you will learn all sorts of historical facts about the ship’s voyages and battles at sea. For example, the United States did actually have a fleet of ships at sea designed to free slaves who had been captured and were on their way to the Western Hemisphere. So, you not only get to experience the immensity of the ship, but you also have the chance to learn something new!

Watch Channel 973 on Wednesday, June 28th at 10AM for the launch of this voyage. You can also watch later in the day at 2PM, 7PM, 9PM, and 12 midnight. The episode will also be available online the following day at


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