They Didn’t “Bocce” This…

2017NewsletterHeadlinejune16.pngBY: LAUREN COSTELLO

This past Thursday about 50 residents and staff gathered around the new bocce courts right outside of Town Center. Yes, it was still a fairly hot day, but the smiling faces, cookies, and drinks made up for the heat.

I think the best thing about all this construction is seeing the final product; and we got our first glimpse on Thursday.  Two new (flat) bocce courts for the 100+ residents interested in this social sport were finally opened. Good news for the residents, not so much for the Executive Team. But hey, this year might be there year!


bocce image 1.JPG*drone aerial footage of the bocce courts*


bocce image 2.JPG*back drone shot of the two bocce courts*


The event lasted about an hour and even after that a few residents were still left playing. Brand new bocce balls, brand new courts, and a brand new “bocce picker up” to make bending down to get the bocce balls a thing of the past. It was a day filled with joy to finally see the front part of Town Center come together. Over the next few months construction will continue out near the courts. A path will be formed, a fountain will be put in place, and trees will be planted, making the area feel whole.

You can watch some highlights from the bocce ceremony on Monday, June 26th at 10AM, 2PM, 7PM, 9PM, and midnight. You can also watch the highlights the following day at



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