Anchors Away!

june9headline.pngBY: LAUREN COSTELLO

Though I do get sea sick when I’m on a boat, I have to say that did not happen while doing last week’s interview. Was it because the interview took place on land?….Maybe….

I am truly amazed each day how talented our residents are. I am so lucky to have such great stories to share with the Oak Crest community, and one of our shows next week is no exception.

You’ve all seen those wooden bowls around campus? What about the ever famous replica of Memorial Stadium? That rocking horse and motorcycle all made from wood? Ok; well what about the newest addition to the group? The Pride of Oak Crest.

The ever talented, John Swope is at it again with his latest astonishing work of art; a sailboat. Now I’m not talking about your typical sailboat. This boat is massive! I couldn’t even reach the top (and that’s saying something because I’m very tall). This is a piece of artwork that took John about 8 months to complete.

The attention to detail is like something I have never seen before. Each board was placed individually, he made the wheel to the boat by hand, and he even created a mini powerboat to attach at the back. And the most incredible thing to me is learning that John didn’t get involved with this hobby until moving to Oak Crest. True talent.

And the name. Who can forget about the naming of the boat; The Pride of Oak Crest. But what’s neat about this boat is the history. This boat actually has two names. Why? You’ll have to watch on Thursday to find out! But the story definitely hits home.

I had a great time talking with John and learned so much from him. For example, I learned they actually create pretty much every piece to whatever they are working on. I also learned that they do, in fact, get wood from hobby shops and warehouses….not in the woods….

This story sets sail on Thursday, June 15th at 10AM, 2PM, 7PM, 9PM, and 12 midnight. You can also head over to the following day to watch the episode.




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