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Headline_May5.pngBY: LAUREN COSTELLO

I always think it’s funny when people see me in the hallway and say “hey, what are you doing out of the studio?!” But a lot of stuff happens outside of these doors! Whether we’re recording a Town Hall, outside flying the drone, or over in NG filming, we are always on the go. How can you keep up with everything? Easy:

Over the past few months there have been many important Town Hall meetings that we have filmed. This includes any Long Range Planning Meetings, Dining Town Halls, Resident Town Halls, MaACCRA events, and so many more! With Long Range Planning picking up, a great way to stay informed is through our website:

How does our website work? After a show airs at 10AM on Channel 973, we then transfer the show right to our website where it lives for one year. This has been extremely convenient on so many levels. First, if you miss the show that aired that day, you can go right to the website and watch it in it’s entirety. Second, if you don’t have time to watch the entire show online, you can fast forward or select the certain part of the show you want to watch. Third, you are able to share the links with your family and friends so they are able to stay informed. Fourth, you can even download the show and have it on your computer forever. Fifth…well, I’ll stop there because I could go on and on and on…

You can visit our website using your smartphone, tablet, or computer How awesome, right?! Want to check it out now? Here, let me help: 

I think the most interesting thing I have experienced with the website occured when I spoke with two potential residents looking to move to Oak Crest. I remember them asking me what they can do here. So instead of telling them, I showed them. They were amazed. They couldn’t believe we had all the programming online. Town Halls, Game Shows, Politicians, Call In Shows…they didn’t know what to watch first.

The best part about speaking with those two residents was showing them what was happening at Oak Crest while they waited to move in. They never had to feel out of the loop. They would be able to know names and faces before moving in. They could watch group spotlight programs to know what organization they wanted to join. Just because they didn’t live here yet didn’t mean they couldn’t be involved or informed.

So if you have a “smart”device, head over to our website and check it out–we would love to hear your thoughts.

You can always email us your ideas at as well.

Ch Ch Changes

HeadlineMay19.pngBY: LAUREN COSTELLO


As David Bowie once said in his ever popular song Changes, “time may change me, but I can’t trace time”…and don’t we know it.

Speaking of changes…how about that Temporary Windows Dining Room?
Scary? Annoying? Frustrating? Exciting? All of the above?

Last week there were two Town Halls each focusing on the Temporary Windows Dining Room.

Here are some important dates that will be approaching quickly:

November 2017: New Grille Opening and Windows Closing
July 2018: All dining venues will be completed
(please note this time frame is subject to change)

There have also been added hours for certain dining rooms to allow room for more residents to eat since Windows will not be able to seat as many.

After the presentation, there was a question and answer section where many residents asked about the following:

Where will be parking our vehicles (scooters, walkers, etc)
Can we still bring the same amount of guests to dine with us?
What will happen to playing cards?

Make sure you tune to Channel 973 on Wednesday, May 24th to find out the answers to these questions. The program will also be available online the following day at

The MOLST Form

headline_may12.pngBY: LAUREN COSTELLO

The MOLST form, better known as the Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment is an extremely important form that all residents should have in their possession. In fact, most residents have this located behind their front door, and some even have copies around their apartment.

Dr. Landsman provided great insight into what this form was and how important it is to have the most up to date version. Basically, the MOLST form honors patient’s preferences when it comes to the end of their life. Most residents fill out this form with a health care agent or health care professional telling them how they should be taken care of.

During the lecture, Dr. Landsman shows you what the form looks like and goes in detail through each section. Each form must be signed by a doctor or nurse practitioner…even when the form is updated.

Some common questions and sections to fill out on this form are as follows:

  1. Whether or not to give CPR
  2. Are the use of antibiotics available for this patient?
  3. Are they able to give chronic dialysis for end of stage kidney disease?
  4. Can a feeding tube be used if the patient is unable to eat on their own?


For more information on the MOLST form along with Advance Directives, tune to Channel 973 on Tuesday, May 16th at 10AM, 2PM, 7PM, 9PM, and 12 midnight. The lecture will also be available online the following day at

A Little of This…A Little of That…

Headline_May5.pngBY: LAUREN COSTELLO

This week’s newsletter is a little different. I’m going to be highlight some upcoming shows and events happening in the month of May!

Monday, May 8th: General Services Call In Show
We have a General Services Call In Show airing on Monday at 10am where you can call in and have your questions answered. During this time, we will also be airing a short video on how to operate your Comcast remote (who’s excited?!). Make sure you tune in and call in with any questions!

Wednesday, May 10th: LegalLine
Steve Bailey is back…but this time he has a special guest with him! Make sure you watch Channel 973 on Wednesday to find out who we’re talking to.

Friday, May 12th: Philanthropy Updates
The dynamic duo returns to the Oak Crest Now set to tell you about some upcoming information regarding the Gold Tournament on May 22nd. So for all those golfers out there, if you haven’t signed up to play yet, make sure you contact the Phil Office! And of course, the Oak Crest TV Studio will be at the event filming all those great hole in ones!

Tuesday, May 16th: The MOLST Form with Dr. Landsman
I’m sure this is a show that many residents have been waiting for! Dr. Landsman talks all about the ins and outs of the MOLST form, where it should be in your apartment, and some updates you should make.

Mid May: Meet the Politicians
Jeff Getek is back with some of your delegates in District 8! Find out how their most recent session went along with some bills they were part of and what their plans are for the summer months.

Thursday, May 25th: Monthly Call In Show
One of my favorite shows of the month! We’re back again and hopefully we hear from you whether it’s positive feedback, critiques, or suggestions—we want it all! Remember to call 410-663-3013.

So get those calendars out and mark those days! And if there is ever a show you want to see again, or if you have any ideas for new shows, please let me know! As always, if you want to watch any of these shows after they air, head over to!