The Science Wagon


Located in the Inner Harbor, the Maryland Science Center is one of the best places for kids to visit…but we believe the same is true when it comes to seniors. Thanks to the Media Arts Group and Ruth Pundt, we were able to get two members from the Science Center in our studio for some live demonstrations!

Pete Yancone and Wendy Ackerman both work at the Science Center in the educational department. When it comes to hands on activities and demonstrations, they are ready to roll! The main idea they wanted to present during our show was how certain science myths can be broken.

The two main topics they focused on included ideas surrounding the Spring Equinox and Pie Day. Pete brought three eggs with him and a broom…and that’s all I’m going to say. You’ll have to watch the episode to see what happened next! Did the broom stand alone? Did the eggs break?

For someone who isn’t a real fan of science, I have to say, I did learn a lot. Along with these demonstrations, Wendy also shared some additional information about the Science Center. They have three floors filled with multiple exhibits, a planetarium, and an observatory…so essentially something that is of interest to everyone! It’s a great place to expand your knowledge and walk away having learned something new.

So make sure your channel is set to 973 on Wednesday, March 29th at 10AM to see what happens!

The program will also be available online the following day at

Happy learning!


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