“Lauren Learns…”

2017OCNNewsletter2_04 copy.png

by Lauren Costello

What better way to kick off the New Year than with a new show series!

     One thing that is extremely unique about working at Oak Crest is how talented our residents are. So many of you have such awesome hobbies it amazes me more and more each day. So I figured, maybe I’ll spend this new year trying to learn some new tricks of the trade…but I need your help!

I have spent time over the past two years interviewing and visiting a variety of different groups on campus. I’ve played tennis with the Tennis Club in the scorching heat on Walther Boulevard. I’ve danced (if that’s what you would like to call it…) with Gerri Onorato and the Line Dancing group. I’ve learned how the Holy Rollers make their necklaces for the community. And I’ve done yoga (again, not the most coordinated/flexible…) right here in the TV Studio. And now, I’m back for more.

I am looking for groups that I have not talked to, or learned something from, to be featured on our new show called “Lauren Learns…”. Each episode will feature a different group at Oak Crest where I will be “learning” what they do. It will be a very light and comical show…most likely because I will not be very skilled in whatever activity will come my way. The one promise I can make is to provide ample entertainment each episode.

You all have amazing talents to share and I think it’s really important to continue that growth and let others see. So whether I learn how to knit, learn how to paint a picture, learn how to play bridge (sorry grandma, I really don’t know how…) or learn how to play bocce, I cannot wait to spend time with your group and learn something new!

As for now, make sure you check the communication racks for the TV Guide to see when the first episode of “Lauren Learns…” will air!



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