We Want to Hear From You



6 days into the New Year and we cannot wait to hear from YOU!

A lot of change is going on around campus, mainly focusing on construction occurring in Town Center. As you walk down the halls, you’ll see the partition wall that is up where construction is taking place.

Since the TV Studio is directly across from most of the construction, our days have been filled with curiosity…and noise. We feel jackhammers, we see wires being pulled, we hear cement being broken, and so much more. Even though we can’t see what’s going on behind the doors, it’s amazing to know that within the next year Town Center will be transformed into an entirely new place! HOW EXCITING!

But all this change can be scary, which is why we want to hear your concerns, questions, and comments…and what better way to do this then by calling in and talking to our General Services team!

The General Services Call In Show is on Monday, January 9th at 10AM. Please call in with your questions to 410-663-3013. We look forward to hearing from you.

If you miss the live show, you can catch the rebroadcasts at 2PM, 7PM, 9PM, and 12 midnight. The episode will also be available the following day at oakcresttv.com.


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