​Pooch Powers


by Christopher Taydus

Dogs have been called man’s best friend, and it’s rare to find someone who would argue that fact, but what are some of the benefits to owning a four-legged friend?

First and foremost, dogs make owners happier and studies have shown that owning a dog can help stave off depression. A study by Krista Marie Clark Cline of the University of Missouri-Columbia found that dogs do not add to their owner’s depression, meaning that there is no downside to possessing a pooch.  The data also revealed that single adults and women are less likely to suffer from depression if they own a dog.

Increased exercise is another benefit to dog ownership. Imagine coming home from a long day and not wanting to put in those recommended 30 minutes of moderate activity. A furry friend waiting to go for a walk could be the encouragement you need to get up and get going. Plus your walking partner can help to make the walk more enjoyable as well.

There are other health benefits as well: The American Heart Association found that just the act of petting a dog lowers heart rate and blood pressure. A Chinese study found that people who own dogs get better sleep at night and are sick less often. Other studies show pet owners have slightly lower cholesterol and are more likely to survive a heart attack.

Dogs also help provide for a better social life as well. Polls show people trust others who have dogs more than just random people walking on the street and are more likely to go up and interact with them. The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology released a study that showed pet owners tended to be less lonely, have higher self-esteem, are more extroverted and were less fearful of getting close to other people.

Oak Crest has always strived to make potential residents more aware of the pet-friendly nature of the community, and current residents are quick to take advantage of it. Two residents, Jean and Lucille D’Onofrio, will be on Oak Crest Now to discuss their furry friends and why they chose pet ownership. Be sure to tune into Oak Crest Now on Friday, September 23rd at 10:00 AM to learn more about them and their dogs. The show will rebroadcast at 2 PM, 7 PM, 9 PM, and 12 AM, then it will be available the following day at www.oakcresttv.com.

If you’d like to come on Oak Crest Now and talk about your pet (dog or otherwise), be sure to contact the TV studio at studio@oakcresttv.com.


NOTE: Regardless of your reasoning, a dog (or any pet for that matter) is a big responsibility, so be sure to consult friends and family before making any decisions.


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