Oak Crest TV Featuring You!

There are plenty of ways to get involved at Oak Crest TV including coming up with show ideas.
There are plenty of ways to get involved at Oak Crest TV including coming up with show ideas.
By Christopher Taydus

Do you have a special skill or talent? Do you have an interesting story to tell? Are you just looking to advertise a new group? Then Oak Crest TV is the place to do so!

Oak Crest TV is always looking for new and exciting guests to feature on our daily morning show, Oak Crest Now. Whether it be a local author, an Oak Crest Director, a community group leader, or any number of other guests that have appeared on the show, the studio is always glad to welcome interesting people to the show.

The staff of Oak Crest TV Channel 973 is happy to work with residents and other guests to produce outstanding programming to bring to the residents. Whether it’s as the host, the guest, or just a behind the scenes producer, the staff will help guide resident volunteers to help make that show a reality.

The first step in the process of creating a new show (whether it be a recurring show or a one time program) is to contact the Oak Crest TV Staff. The studio can be contacted by calling (410)663-3013, e-mailing the staff at studio@oakcresttv.com, or stopping by the studio in the Town Center building, across from the fitness center.

The next few steps will involve developing the idea. This includes locating and contacting guests, scheduling shoots, and figuring out the flow of the program. Then the production work begins: the show is shot (filmed) then pictures, video clips, and graphics are put into the show to increase the production value of the program.

To get a better idea of the types of programs the studio creates, residents should visit the Oak Crest TV On Demand page at www.oakcresttv.com, but don’t ever get discouraged as the studio staff is ready to help you every step of the way to make your TV dreams a reality.


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