Born to Run

Some residents and staff are getting ready to compete in the various races of the 2016 Baltimore Running Festival.
Some residents and staff are getting ready to compete in the various races of the 2016 Baltimore Running Festival.
by Lauren Costello

October 15th marks the 2016 Baltimore Running Festival, and yet another year where Oak Crest residents and staff will be participating! Last year, many staff members ran as part of the Kennedy Krieger team and raised over $30,000! This year, they are hoping to surpass that amount and raise even more…but that’s not the only goal for this year’s race…

Resident Bob Gralley has participated in 42 marathons and 13 half marathons since he started running back in 1972, and he doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. This year Bob turned 90 and he is ready to roll out on another race…but this time, someone is joining him; PR manager, Jeff Getek.

This will be Jeff’s first half marathon and he is thrilled to be running it alongside Bob. He has been getting tips from some other runners at Oak Crest who have been sharing how they train, along with the proper foods to eat and drink during the few months leading up to race day. Jeff said running in the Baltimore Running Festival would have never crossed his mind if it wasn’t for Bob. The sole fact that an Oak Crest resident can inspire a staff member to undertake such a challenge is what makes Oak Crest one of a kind.

And as for me…I decided to take on the challenge of running the full marathon this year! In 2015 I ran the Baltimore half for the first time and I didn’t do as well as I would have liked because I was fighting a nasty cold and every corner you turned was a hill (this is also proof that Baltimore is EXTREMELY hilly). So, this year I decided to make things even more difficult for myself and run the full 26.2…because who doesn’t love a good challenge?

To find out more about how each person’s training is going you’re going to have to watch the show! You’ll find out the farthest distance each person has run so far, any injuries that have taken shape, what their cross training schedule looks like, and hopefully some tips that will be helpful when October 15th arrives.

“Training to Run” airs on Thursday, August 11th at 10AM, 2PM, 7PM, 9PM, and 12 midnight. You can also watch this program online the following day at

Get ready to lace up those shoes!

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