The Big Band Theory

Learn more about the Big Band Theory of Baltimore in this month's Concert Update.
Learn more about the Big Band Theory of Baltimore in this month’s Concert Update.

The Big Band Theory of Baltimore is a non-profit jazz band that caters to local communities in Anne Arundel and Baltimore Counties as well as Baltimore City.  Their music features a wide variety of song styles from old big band standards from artists like Glenn Miller and Duke Ellington, Classic Rock from Chicago, Earth Wind and Fire, to Stevie Wonder, and much more.

The all adult group that is a reformation of a local big band that was established back in 1994 under the name of The Royal Knights Jazz Orchestra (TRKJO).  At that time the band ran strong for 5 years under various directors and had members consisting of mostly high school and college age students. As members got older and went their separate ways, the band dissolved like most do. Now after almost fifteen years, the original founder of the TRKJO has started a new band with a few old familiar faces and a lot of new ones. Now back with a full compliment of fifteen plus musicians, The Big Band Theory of Baltimore can helps to entertain with the gift of song, a truly wonderful reward in itself.

The group will appear on August’s Concert Update with Sallie Horner, Concert Coordinator, and Madelyn Daniel, Concert Committee Member, to discuss their upcoming concert on August 28th. Be sure to learn more about Big Band Theory of Baltimore, as well as the other concerts in the month of August, by tuning into Concert Update on Monday, August 1st at 10 AM, 2 PM, 7 PM, 9 PM, and 12 AM. The show will also be available later in the week at


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