Mission of Hope

Resident David Flumbaum discusses his mission trips to Romania and Myanmar this week on Oak Crest Now!
Resident David Flumbaum discusses his mission trips to Romania and Myanmar this week on Oak Crest Now!
by Lauren Costello

We know that Oak Crest is made up of extraordinary residents. From athletes, to musicians, to writers, this community has it all, however, this week, we would like to feature a different “talent.”

Resident David Flumbaum went on a mission trip late January/early February to Romania and Myanmar to help spread the word of God in hopes of uplifting these countries. He set out with two other men and a team of people looking to make a huge impact…and after watching this interview, I think you’ll see they did.

David and his team spent the first week in Myanmar, followed by another week in Romania. The two men who accompanied him on this trip were Andy Baker, President of Remember the Children, and Tom Moen, Pastor of Glocal Outreach at Mountain Christian Church.

Both men have participated in mission trips in the past, so they were no rookies in this department.

The first part of the show focuses on the trip to Myanmar, where they did local outreach to many of the groups living there. They spoke to specific organizations trying to spread the word and teach them some different ways ministry can be achieved. Tom shares a story during the interview about a man they helped the last time they visited Myanmar and he said it was amazing to see how much he had grown since the last time they saw him.

The second part of the show focuses on Romania, which is the area where most of Andy’s work takes place. He mentions that he’s been visiting Romania so often that now, when he goes back, he is helping his past people’s children. Andy says they now refer to him as “the Grandfather” of the group.

David talks about how this was his first time to Romania…but definitely not his last. On his journey, he met an older gentlemen who was deeply affected by David, and vice versa. In the show, you will see a picture of the two embracing with the rest of their group.

Overall, this is a very powerful and exhilarating segment that shows how the work Oak Crest residents do off campus effects so many people. This show airs on Monday, March 14th at 10AM, 2PM, 7PM, 9PM, and 12 midnight. You can head over to oakcresttv.com the next day to watch it online.


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