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Tune in for a LIVE call-in show on Channel 973 on Monday, February 29th at 10:00 AM
Tune in for a LIVE call-in show on Channel 973 on Monday, February 29th at 10:00 AM
by Christopher Taydus

One of the biggest goals of Oak Crest TV and Oak Crest Now is making sure that residents voices are heard. Be it advertising their group or organization, or expressing their views on different topics and subjects, we make sure that you are heard. That includes being heard by the Oak Crest Administration. Once a month, the community’s TV station hosts a LIVE Call-In Show featuring members of our executive team. This forum gives our residents a direct link to the Directors of the community to express their questions, comments, concerns, and compliments on the air.

Many residents are curious as to how the call-in show works. Much like any live program on Oak Crest TV the guests show up between 15-20 minutes before the program. The guests are usually the Executive Director and one of the other Directors, but have included other Oak Crest Employees, members of the Board of Directors, the RAC, or even Corporate Employees. Guests arrive early to discuss with the host some topics of conversation for the show, and go over some questions that may be circulating the campus.

At 10:00 AM, the show goes live on Channel 973 with the new Oak Crest Now intro. Unlike it’s predecessor, Good Morning Oak Crest, the new daily show, Oak Crest Now, tends to get right into the call-in show, so the host and guests immediately begin discussing the pre-determined topics until the phones start to ring.

During the live call-in show, the host is notified of incoming calls using the tally light on top of the camera.
During the live call-in show, the host is notified of incoming calls using the tally light on top of the camera.

If you have called into the call-in show before, you know that in order to make sure all calls are answered in the correct order, the callers first speak to a TV Studio representative in the control room. This allows the TV Studio staff to regulate the rate of the calls and to let the guests finish a train of thought before speaking to the caller. The phone call coordinator then signals the host that a call is waiting on hold, and the hosts signals that they’re ready for the call.

In recent months, Oak Crest TV has attempted to take advantage of some new technology by offering the opportunity for guests to also send in e-mails with their comments. The use of e-mail also allows the studio staff to forward unanswered questions to the right director, or allow the director to follow up with the resident at a later time. An on-set computer or tablet is used to gather those e-mails as they come into the studio. Residents can send call-in show questions before the show, during the show, or even after the show if they’re unable to watch. The studio call-in e-mail address is

Rob Braubitz, New Director of Finance
Rob Braubitz, New Director of Finance

This month’s call-in show is particularly exciting because residents will get to talk to Oak Crest’s new Executive Director, Mark Roussey, and the new Director of Finance, Rob Braubitz. Mark Roussey was announced as the new Executive Director on February 15th after the previous Executive Director, Gary Hibbs, announced that he was transferring to Riderwood, Oak Crest’s sister community in Silver Spring, Maryland. Braubitz took over for former Director of Finance, Remi Ackerman, after she transitioned to a role at the Erickson Living corporate offices last month.

Tune in for the call-in show on Monday, February 29th live at 10:00 AM only on Channel 973, or catch a replay at 2:00 PM, 7:00 PM, 9:00 PM, or midnight. The show will also be available the following day at Be sure to join the conversation by calling (410)663-3013 during the 10 AM broadcast, or send your e-mails to before or during the show.


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