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The TV Studio Staff has been working the last few weeks to get equipment installed across the campus.
The TV Studio Staff has been working the last few weeks to get equipment installed across the campus.

by Christopher Taydus 

Many people don’t know, but the Oak Crest TV Studio staff, besides being responsible for the day to day operations of Channel 970 and 973, they are also responsible for the audio/visual equipment across the campus. This includes every video projector and sound system on campus. In the past few weeks, Josh Runkles and the studio staff have been implementing some new equipment throughout the campus.

The first thing you might notice is the new computer carts in the three classrooms, the Garden Room, the Crestview Conference Room, and the new computer in John Erickson Hall. In an effort to make presenting easier, the computers were put in those rooms to give residents, staff, and visitors a simple way to show pictures, slideshows, and videos even if they don’t have easy access to a laptop or tablet that can be hooked up to the audio/visual system.

The computers are equipped with the Microsoft Office suite, two different internet browsers (Microsoft Internet Explorer and Google Chrome), and access to YouTube video streaming service. The computers are already hooked up in the Conference Room, Erickson Hall, the Garden Room, and the Town Center Classroom. The studio expects the Village Square and Crestview Classrooms to be ready to go by February 19th.

Another new feature in the classrooms are new whiteboards. This might trigger the question, “What so technical about a whiteboard?” The new whiteboards are also the projector screens. This will allow presentations to be projected directly onto the white boards, giving the presenter the opportunity to draw ‘on the screen’. This will also prevent residents and staff from having to pull down projector screens, and will prevent all presenters from accidentally drawing on the drop down projector screens and permanently marking them.

The final piece of new audio/visual equipment to make it to the Oak Crest Campus is a new mobile classroom. The mobile classroom was intended to offer residents, staff, and visitors the opportunity to have audio/visual capabilities in rooms that don’t have built in systems. In the past year, while the studio conducted a trial run of the first mobile classroom, the system has been used in lobbies, craft rooms, dining rooms, and departmental offices. While the mobile classroom idea isn’t new, the second of these carts is new, with a few upgrades from its predecessor. The new cart features more easily accessible controls and plugs, hidden speakers, and a different, more advanced monitor.

If you are interested in learning more about the new equipment or existing equipment, including how to operate the systems, please don’t hesitate to contact the TV Studio at (410)663-3013 or by e-mailing


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