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Oak Crest now chats with resident Harvey Jacob about his newest classic car and what this model of car means to him.
Oak Crest now chats with resident Harvey Jacob about his newest classic car and what this model of car means to him.
by Lauren Costello

It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s a Comet? Here at Oak Crest we have a large number of Oak Crest residents who have great stories to share, and lucky for us, we were able to find one with a “classic” story.

Resident, Harvey Jacob, is a proud owner of a Classic 1961 Mercury Comet as of a month ago. Ever since Harvey can remember he has always had a passion for cars. He is no stranger to what it takes to own a classic car. In fact, he’s owned several Classics throughout his life; he’s even owned a few Harley Davidson motorcycles over the years. And it doesn’t stop with Harvey. He was able to share his passion with his sons who have owned their fair share of Classic cars as well. In fact, Harvey says they might even have more knowledge when it comes to cars than he does!

He bought his Mercury Comet in Newark, Delaware from a man who completely restored the car with his daughter. During the interview, you will be able to see some of the certain features the daughter picked out for the car. Harvey said it’s funny to see the difference between the father’s style compared to what the daughter had planned.

Thanks to Harvey, we were able to drive the car around Loop Road, listening to all the stories of how the car came to be. When I got in the car, the first thing I noticed were the red leather seats with an entire red painted interior. It was really interesting to see all the features of the car from the roll down windows, to the radio knobs, to the huge steering wheel.

When Harvey drove back around to Town Center, we got out of the car and he showed me the engine and the speakers in the car. The engine was spotless- it was the cleanest engine inside any car I have ever seen; he wasn’t kidding when he said you could eat your dinner off of it! The trunk opened to expose two huge red and white speakers in the back. Again, Harvey noted how this was the daughters idea.

To learn more about the car, The Classic 1961 Mercury Comet will air on Oak Crest Now on Thursday, February 11th at 10AM, 2PM, 7PM, 9PM, and 12 midnight. You can also visit the following day to view the program online.

UPDATE – Friday, February 19th, 2016

The show featuring Harvey Jacob and his 1961 Mercury Comet is now available at


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