Your Link to Annapolis

Your Link To Annapolis
Delegate Christian Miele speaks at the Oak Crest Meet the Candidates Night. Miele will be appearing on Oak Crest Now on Wednesday, January 6, 2016 only on channel 973.
by Lauren Costello

As we move into the first week of 2016, two of our shows focus on our elected officials; Senator Klausmeier and Delegate Miele. Public Affairs Manager, Jeff Getek, will conduct the interviews with each elected official, asking them all the questions our residents want to know. You will find out more about their personal life, what is happening in District 8, and what is on the table for the 2016 legislative session in Annapolis.

“Oak Crest is fortunate to have excellent relationships with our local elected officials. Senator Klausmeier, Delegates Bromwell, Cluster & Miele and Councilman Marks are frequent visitors to our community. Their appearances on WOCV allow our residents to learn about their backgrounds, positions on issues and most importantly, how to contact them. We look forward to continuing these interviews in 2016, especially surrounding the legislative session in Annapolis.” – Jeff Getek, Public Affairs Manager.

Delegates Cluster and Bromwell have already stopped by to tell us some topics on their agenda for the 2016 legislative session. Delegate Cluster plans to focus on schooling, hoping to provide each school with a police officer along with spending time working on some legislation in Baltimore City to better the community. Delegate Bromwell hopes to work more closely on getting financial support to our Veterans along with finalizing and planning certain laws for many of his various committees.

One common trend between all the elected officials seems to be their focus on reaching out to the community. They encourage all Oak Crest residents to contact them with their concerns or questions about District 8. As Jeff said before, Oak Crest is very lucky to get an opportunity to listen to these elected officials right in their own home. Even so, our community is able to become even more involved since Oak Crest is its own voting prescient; making it very simple for residents to vote and become involved.

The first show with Delegate Christian Miele will air on Tuesday, January 5th and the second show with Senator Kathy Klausmeier will air on Friday, January 8th. Both shows will air at 10:00 AM, 2:00 PM, 7:00 PM, 9:00 PM, and 12:00 AM and you will also be able to watch both programs online the next day at Interviews with Delegate Bromwell and Delegate Cluster are already available on demand at

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